Dwellory Sustainable Apartment Partnership

Climate change presents the most significant challenge to our way of life. Inefficient energy consumption, obsolete energy production, and overwhelming waste production are harming our environment through exhaust pipes, sewers systems, and trash cans.

But here’s the good news… this climate crisis presents our greatest opportunity for positive change, starting with how we live, what we value, and how we invest.

Formed in the 2020 pandemic, Dwellory is a residential property management startup with the goal of providing exceptional quality of living through high design and climate-empowered investment. Through community development, educational partnerships, and public/private investment opportunities, Dwellory seeks to bring a new brand of property ownership and management to Bellingham and Whatcom County.

As our first step, Dwellory has acquired a 40 year old multi-family residence at 1113 Billy Frank Jr. Street called the Sehome Chalet. While the building offers all the creature comforts, it’s wildly inefficient in its energy consumption and waste production.

Starting with the Sehome Chalet, Dwellory is forming a multilateral coalition of private industry, academia, and community leadership to prove that being thoughtful stewards of our natural resources we can sustain an ever-improving quality of life.

Concept 1: Western Energies Studies Course Integration

Goal: Provide the WWU Institute for Energy Studies program with real world energy efficiency problems to solve using the Sehome Chalet as case study in classroom engagement.

Course List

ENRG 490 - Energy Capstone: Energy System Synthesis

Students will work with each other, faculty members, and professionals in the energy field to solve a real-world energy related problem. Students will analyze the problem and craft a solution using the knowledge and skills accumulated through prior coursework in the degree program. The course fosters interdisciplinary partnerships between Western students and faculty and professionals and organizations in the industry and government.

ENRG 464 - Sustainable Building Analysis and Design

An advanced class for seniors and graduate students in building energy system analysis and energy efficient design. The course provides quantitative tools and methods to analyze, design, evaluate and communicate technology and design strategy to improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort in commercial and institutional buildings. Also offered as ESCI 464.

Concept 2: Hackathon

Goal: Gather a cross discipline community of student-entrepreneurs to collaborate and compete for ways to make the Sehome Chalet more sustainable.